Ladurée Beauty presents its precious incense collection

Rêveries, Tourbillon, Bohème & Mot d’où

Shipping Macaron Boxes

Receive at home our
delightful macaron gift boxes
Champs-Elysées and Incontournable.


A Christmas Dream

There are a hundred and one ways to celebrate Christmas, but for us,
the air of excitement in the run-up to the big day and the sheer joy
on everyone’s faces are what really captures the festive spirit, year after year.

Flocon de Neige

Our new patisserie creations have come straight from
the imagination of Claire Heitzler,
our Head Chef of Patisserie Creation.

Claire has concocted a sweet treat shaped
like a glistening snowflake – the perfect
counterpart to our Christmas decorations!

Coconut dacquoise filled with mango and passion cream,
vanilla pineapple brunoise and coconut mousse.

Available from 1st December in limited edition,
in individual portions or for 6 servings.

Apsara macaroons boxes

Midnight blue gift box filled with assorted macarons
and decorated with slightly frosted crimson velour flowers

Boxes of 6 macarons and 12 macarons available in shop
Box of 24 macarons exclusively on our online store to ship in France Metropolitan and some countries of Europe

Candle & Room fragrance

Our candle and home fragrance Apsara are an ode to winter.

An armful of winter flowers makes for an olfactory dream;
a delicate mix that sits at the crossroads
between floral and animal sensibilities.

Peony, rose, violet and musk.
Sweet yet powerful, this beautiful medley
brings a certain warmth to these wintery days.



The history
of Ladurée

Parisian tea rooms' history is intimately tied to the
history of the Ladurée family. It all began in 1862, when
Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from the southwest of
France, founded a bakery in Paris at 16 rue Royale.
In 1871, while Baron Haussmann was giving
Paris a « new face », a fire in the bakery opened
the opportunity to transform it into a pastry shop.
The decoration of the pastry shop was entrusted to
Jules Cheret, a famous turn-of-the-century
painter and poster artist.

The beginning of this century found Paris wrapped up
in an effervescent and buzzing atmosphere.
Parisians flocked to the Universal Exposition.
Women were also changing. They wanted
to go out and make new acquaintances. Literary salons
and literature circles were outmoded.

Jeanne Souchard succeeded in combining
the style of Parisian cafés and the delicacies of
French patisserie, giving birth to one of the fisrt
of the capital.


Discover all Ladurée brands


Half-way between a Parisian café and
a cake shop, Ladurée Fabricant de Douceurs
is the temple of gastronomy and pastry innovation
where each creation moment is of high intensity.


Like an ode to chocolate,
Les Marquis de Ladurée is the third Ladurée Maison
aimed at creating as good as aesthetic chocolates.
The secret lies in the combination of the highest
quality product and a gorgeous setting.


This gift collection has been created
for Ladurée amateurs who want to take back
some Ladurée delights.


Combining pleasure and softness,
Ladurée Beauté collections for home,
bath and body tell soft, sweet and ancient stories.


Les Merveilleuses is a collection
dedicated to sensitive and refined women.
Make-up turns into a ritual, a special
and confidential rendez-vous and even
a very sophisticated accessory.



As Chairman of Ladurée and Vice-Chairman of
the Holder group, David Holder is known for his ethical
and principled approach to business and as a man who also
allows his feelings and intuition to play their part.
Since the opening of the Ladurée store on the Champs-Elysées
in 1997, his life and his career have taken off.

Know-how beyond
the diktat of
current trends

His main aim is to craft fine creations,
to infuse real character in each of his establishments
and to promote the quality and beauty of Ladurée products.
In twenty years, David Holder has recreated the illustrious
history of Ladurée and has firmly placed it on the world stage.

Key dates
for David Holder


Birth of David Holder.


He obtained his Master’s degree in Finance and Management at Dauphine University.

He joined the Holder group as an apprentice baker & pastry cook.


He went to the USA at Berkeley’s University and obtained his post Master degree.


He returned to France where he was appointed Director of National and International Development with the Holder group.


David Holder took over the Ladurée tea room on rue Royale in Paris.

He was part of the team that created the Boulangerie Paul.


Opening of Ladurée store on Champs-Elysées, Paris VIII.


Appointed Vice-Chairman of the Holder group with special responsibility for finance and group strategy.


Opening of Ladurée store at the rue Bonaparte, Paris VI.


First Ladurée international opening at Harrods in London.


Opening of Ladurée store in Monaco and Geneva in Switzerland.


Opening de Ladurée store in Lausanne, Switzerland.


First opening of a Ladurée store in Japan.

Launch of Ladurée le BAR in Paris.


Inauguration of Ladurée store in Versailles inside the royal courtyard.

Opening of Ladurée stores in Dublin, Irlande ; Zurich, Switzerland and Nagoya, Japan.


Opening of Ladurée stores in Milan, Dubaï, Beyrouth, Kuwait, Riyad, Istanbul and Luxembourg.


First Ladurée shop in New York on Madison Avenue.


Launch in Japan of the collection Les Merveilleuses of Ladurée

Inauguration of the Manufacture Ladurée in Enney, Switzerland

Launch of the new brand exclusively dedicated to chocolate Les Marquis de Ladurée.

First opening of Ladurée in China, Hong Kong.

New Ladurée openings in Cannes and Saint Tropez (France), Anvers (Belgium), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Casablanca (Morocco) and Stockholm (Sweden)


Launch in France of the collection Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée

New Ladurée shops in Singapore, Taiwan, Florence (Italia) and Bucarest (Romania).


First Ladurée tea room and restaurant in Soho,
New York City and Ladurée The Beach in Dubai.

New openings in Miami, Shanghai, Bangkok, Brussels, Sydney and Megève (France).


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Ladurée Houses




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